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May ON TOW replace IN TOW in any of the following contexts:

in tow – 1. (of a disabled vehicle) pulled along by the towing vehicle: The broken-down car was taken in tow by a lorry.

2. following or accompanying smb.: Nonchalantly signaling to the doorman to park his car, he disappears into the hotel with the blond in tow.

3. under smb.'s control or guidance: Henry was the person who took me in tow and suffered my impatience with the conservative ways of our established institution.

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It's nice that you researched that, Ismael. I never said it didn't exist; I simply said I've never heard the phrase. I suppose, from what you've found, that the British use both in tow and on tow, but I think in the US you'll only hear in tow. Smile


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