Hello all,

I wonder if the independent clauses connected by a conjunction must be in the same tense? For example, I just wrote to my travel agent regarding my unsuccessful login to the website:

"I checked the reminder of my password you sent me, and I don't (or didn't?) think I got my password wrong before."

Should it be "don't" or "didn't"?
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You should say I don't think, Alex. You're telling the travel agent how you feel at this time, now that you've gotten the password reminder and see it's the same password that you think you used when you tried to login.
Thank you, Richard.
So it's not necessary for me to follow the past tense that I used at the beginning in "I checked the reminder..."? Now it makes more sense to me, because I was always told not to use different tenses in one sentence. Smile
It's a real coincidence, you mentioning this, Alex, because we've been having some interesting conversations about rules and when rules don't seem to apply in certain circumstances.

At any rate, there really isn't a rule about not using different tenses in one sentence. Perhaps you misunderstood whoever told you that or you misread that portion of a textbook.
Thanks a lot, Richard. I am so happy I finally came to find this forum. Hope you guys don't mind me asking too many stupid questions.
Your questions are NOT stupid, Alex! And we warmly welcome your participation. Smile

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