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Hi, Meriem,

I'll give you my view and look forward to David's verdict . I've numbered your sentences for ease of reference:

@Meriem posted:

Are the bold clauses modifiers? if not, what are their function?

1. She was busy all day. She didn't have a moment to rest.

2. He loved her but he didn't have the courage to tell her.

3. My friend helped me to find a house to rent.

I think "to tell her" is an infinitival complement in (2).

In (3), "to rent" is an infinitival relative clause (= to be rented / that I could rent).

I'm not sure if "to rest" can also be an infinitival relative clause or is merely an infinitival complement in (1). This might be because, even if we say "to rest a moment," a moment there is not an object but short for for a moment (adverbial). However, we can say "a moment in which to rest."

What I do see is a purpose meaning in (1) and (2): so that she could rest / so as to tell her.

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