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Do you know of any way to write sentences/paragraphs that captivate. When i read my stuff it is so boring, but when i read the same written in a book by a pro it sounds so much better.

Is there a way to lay out the words or ideas, to constructe interesting sentences/paragraphs. All i can find is to place active words at the beginning or end of a sentence.

What do you do to spellbind the reader.


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I don't see a grammar question here.  What you are asking is outside of the scope of this forum.  I suggest you find a writers' workshop.  Depending where you live, there might be such groups in your area with an actual leader or instructor (possibly through a college or adult education center), or strictly peer groups, where, at every session, members volunteer to submit what they have most recently written in order to have it critiqued by the other members.  I see advantages and disadvantages to both types of group.  Of the two, I think that I personally would prefer a peer group with a volunteer moderator.

If neither of these options is available where you live, there are online forums for writers as well.  Again, I think that I would prefer a peer group with a volunteer moderator, but that's really your choice to make.

Fellow members, if you know of any such fora that you would recommend, please share links to them here.

Thank you,


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