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1. What is a project team and who all are involved?
souece: https://www.invensislearning.c...who-all-are-involved
I think "involved" here means "committed or engaged": The civil rights demonstration attracted the involved young people of the area.

2. The trouble was, however, that it was so concerned and involved and relevant and all together and right-on.
— Cleveland Amory, TV Guide, 13 Mar. 1971
I think  "involved" here means "complicated"

Now my question,
Pro: Exactly! Trust is established and relationships are built first.
Student: Wow, this seems like a long process. It must cost a fortune.
Pro: It does. Even with a small film crew, any project as involved as this is bound to.
Student: OK, so who decides what goes into the film?
Pro: Well, such decisions are made by general consensus within the community. So, for instance, the community, not the filmmakers, decide who is to be interviewed for the films. Control of the interview is in the interviewee’s hands. If the person being interviewed says to stop at any time, the recording stops.
source http://top.zhan.com/toefl/list...w-939-13-110174.html

I am not sure if I get the meanings of the first two  "involveds" correctly.
And what does the third "involved" (in the dialogue) mean? 

Many many thanks.
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