From time to time, I read financial reports of listed companies and would like make a summary of each of the financial reports that I have reviewed.

1. Information concerning related party loans is disclosed in the financial report.

2. Information concerning related party loans has been disclosed in the financial report. 

I think both “is disclosed” or “has been disclosed” are correct.  Is it true?  What the differences are?


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Hi, Terry,

Both verb forms are grammatical, but in the context of a report you have before you the present is more appropriate. Reference is not made to the past action of having included some information (at the time of preparing the report), but to the report as a present object the person is currently reading or evaluating.

This can be seen in many cases of specialized literature, and with different verbs:

- The financial report shows/discloses/presents/provides information concerning related party loans -> Information concerning related party loans is shown/is disclosed/is furnished/appears in the financial report.

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