I'm confused whenever I use "join + somebody" and "join with + somebody".

For example, He joined with me a club.
He joined a club with me.

What's different?



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In your sentences, only "He joined a club with me" is correct. In your sentence, "joined" is a transitive verbs and needs an object; "a club" is the object. Normally, an adverb or adverbial phrase does not come between the verb and its object, so "with me" could not be used in the position between "join" and "the club."

"Join with" has a meaning very similar to that of "join." "Join" means to become a part of or an addition to. "Join with" stresses a more cooperative effort, as in these examples from Google:

Please Support Independent Music and join with us to help new music thrive and the artists survive. We have ...

CNN.com - Musicians join with antiwar group - Feb. 28, 2003
... Musicians join with antiwar group. Russell Simmons, left, co-founder
of Def Jam Recordings, discusses his opposition to war with ...

... FIFA and UNICEF join with children to celebrate "Global Girls Football Day" Zurich,8 October 2003 -As excitement builds to a fever pitch in the last week ...
http://www.fifa.com/en/display/mrel,72198.html - 8k - similar pages

JOIN WITH OTHERS TO MOBILIZE FOR ACTION IN YOUR COMMUNITY! Send Ten Friends an E-Postcard about the Interfaith Climate Change Network ...

join with other alumni, travel and learn with alumni and faculty, ...
http://www.vanderbilt.edu/alumni/alumevents.htm - Joining LOPC

Would you consider joining with us? Members of this congregation are called to .
. . Regularly attend worship and take part in the common life of the church. ...

News Clips. Veterans join with Democrats to criticize GOP's benefits
stance. Sarasota Herald-Tribune 09/18/03. WASHINGTON -- Veterans ...
http://www.dashpac.com/home/news/clips.cfm?NewsClipID=755 - 14k - similar pages

All of the instances of "join with" in the sentences above could be replaced with "join." Some writers think that "join with" and "join together" are redundant phrases and that "join" is enough. However, "join with" does give the impression of more interaction.

"Join with" also carries the idea of "for the purpose of." In your sentence, you "join the club." You have not stated any purpose.

However, you might say: "We joined/ joined with the club in order to strengthen our position."

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