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 I am trying to find out  which nouns commonly collocate with the phrasal verb Know of  (I couldn't find any references in the Oxford collocation dictionary).

It seems to me that this phrasal verb seems to be used more naturally with pronouns and improper nouns compared to the name of a person.

1.e.g Yes, I know of him/her/them. = OK to me.

2 e.g Yes, I know of a good mechanic.= OK to me.

However, when I say: 3. Yes, I know of Mr Jones  then it somehow sounds a bit odd.

Perhaps I'm wrong? Is it my imagination or do examples 1 and 2 sound better?

thanks and sorry for the weird question.

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Hi, Mrchuffie,

The verb "know of" has two main uses: know (something) of/about sb/sth, and know of the existence of (somebody/something).

I think it is the latter you are interested in, and in answer to your question (and as opposed to the case where know of means know about), when know of means know of the existence of it is generally followed by an indefinite noun or pronoun:

I know of somebody/noone/a guy/a person who ... / of a way to ... / of several people who ... / of an animal that ... / of a place where ...

And there is, of course, the idiomatic phrase Not that I know of to mean No, as far as I know.

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