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Are these definitions of 'a lady's man' below I got from the internet all true?

1. A lady's man is someone who's popular  with the ladies.

2. A Ladies man enjoys pleasing women and being adored by them, including sleeping with them.

3. When you are a ladies' man you get more attention, admiration, dates, and intimacy than the average guy.

4. A lady's man is very fond of the company of women and who, because of his charm, attentiveness, and flirtatiousness, is very attractive to them.

5. A ladies man will be totally honest.

6. A ladies man loves women, but shows them respect and is generally good to them.

Thank you very much.

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Hi David,

The following definition of a woman's man     is from an online dictionary:

"A woman's man is a male that is has empathy, affection, support for all of life's activities that women experience. They make good partners and are usually family oriented. Women naturally appreciate these types of men as equals and feel a general sense of equality within relationships."

It seems to mean the same as a lady's man to me, but I'm not sure if the definition is true or not. Could you please tell me if the two terms are interchangeable?

Thank you for your help.

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