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Translating a book, I faced below sentence:

"Our society is unrecognizable from fifty years ago, let alone one hundred."

What does it want to say simply?


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Hello, M.hob, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange!

"let alone" is a negative enphasizer. The sentence in question could be paraphrased as:

 - Our society is unrecognizable from fifty years ago, and much less recognizable from one hundred years ago.

Thank you  Gustavo

Does my sentence mean?: "our society has not changed from fifty years ago; but has changed from one hundred years ago."

I have an ambiguity with "unrecognizable" too.

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The sentence seems to have been taken from here.

"unrecognizable" means "incapable of being recognized." If we say that society is unrecognizable from (what it used to be) fifty years ago, it means that we can hardly identify the current society with the society back in those years. It has changed so profoundly that we can't find any similarity between them. If the change in 50 years has been big, the change over 100 years is still bigger.

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