Can anyone help me correct my grammatical errors here?

Thanks in advance!

Theres no turning back now that i have the audacity to express what ive been feeling ever since the day i saw you from afar. I've been waiting for this day for ages, and I think now is the right time for me to send this to you. And with that being said, I therefore 'confess' my feelings towards you. This may seem weird as we havent met nor seen each other for a long period of minute, but theres nothing greater than having confessed all what I've been feeling for like a couple of months. You're so pretty and a second of staring at you seems like an hour for me. A second i wish woukd not end every time I take a quick glance.

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Hello, Kyle, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange!

Thank you for sharing your love letter with us. I hope it's successful.

Unfortunately, it does contain some grammatical errors (mainly errors of punctuation, but some errors of other types), and we don't edit things for people at this site.

If you have a grammatical question about one of the sentences, try to identify what it is about the grammar that troubles you. Then you can start a discussion thread related to that specific question and grammatical topic.

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