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"A/An .......occurs when we hear loud noises and see bright flashes of light".

A- electrical storm 

B- electric storm

C- lightning 


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Both 'A' and 'B' mean the same thing and are correct choices here. See here: https://www.merriam-webster.co...y/electrical%20storm

'Lightning' doesn't work here because it is an uncountable noun, so it isn't preceded by 'a/an'. 'A lightning storm' and 'a thunder storm' are also possible answers here.

BTW, I remember seeing  that question before and I know that the model answer is: 'electrical storm'. 'Electrical storm' is the only choice that is mentioned in our curriculum, but -of course- that doesn't mean that the other choices are wrong. Regrettably, most of our outside books are full of mistakes.

Ahmed and Ahmed,

I apologize for my prolonged absence from the forum, hence my long delay in responding to this.

As a native speaker, I would never say "an electric storm".  We always say "an electrical storm" instead, so (A) is the best choice among the options given.

Ahmed_btm is quite right in saying that we commonly refer to these as "thunder storms" and "lightning storms".  These terms, especially "thunder storm", are much more common than "electrical storm" where I live.


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