Lightning or electrical storm

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Ahmed Abdelhafeez posted:


"A/An .......occurs when we hear loud noises and see bright flashes of light".

A- electrical storm 

B- electric storm

C- lightning 


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Both 'A' and 'B' mean the same thing and are correct choices here. See here:

'Lightning' doesn't work here because it is an uncountable noun, so it isn't preceded by 'a/an'. 'A lightning storm' and 'a thunder storm' are also possible answers here.

BTW, I remember seeing  that question before and I know that the model answer is: 'electrical storm'. 'Electrical storm' is the only choice that is mentioned in our curriculum, but -of course- that doesn't mean that the other choices are wrong. Regrettably, most of our outside books are full of mistakes.

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