I have made up some examples using 'limited edition' and 'first edition' separately.

(1a) The colourful vase is limited edition.

(1b) The colourful vase is limited edition.

(1c) This is a limited edition vase.

(2a) The grammar book is a first edition.

(2b) The grammar book is first edition.

(2c) This is a first edition book.

My non-native English speaking friends think both (1b) and (2b) are wrong and the rest are good.

Could someone please explain why those two are incorrect? Thank you very much.

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Hi, Ansonman,

I agree with your friends. The point is that, unlike other similar compound adjectives that are hyphenated and form a single word, like "first-class" or "world-class," "limited edition" and "first edition" have not evolved into adjectives proper and, having remained strongly nominal, only accept the attributive position (before nouns) when their function is adjectival.

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