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Hi, M,

@M posted:

The printer needs a complete …..... .These copies are so bad.

a maintenance     b repair           c overhaul           d renovation

'Overhaul' is the correct choice here. See its definition and how it collocates with 'complete, major & radical' here:


'Maintenance' is an uncountable noun, so it doesn't go with the usage of the indefinite article 'a'. 'Renovation' is connected with buildings.

Hi, M,

To further support Ahmed's answer, with which I fully agree, below you may find the adjectives that typically accompany the nouns "repair" and "overhaul" according to the Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English, 2nd edition:

overhaul noun
complete , major , massive , thorough

extensive , major
essential , necessary , vital
emergency , immediate , urgent
quick , rapid
costly , expensive
© Oxford University Press, 2009
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M, grammatically speaking, there's no problem with "a complete repair." However, from the point of view of language, certain phrases are simply more usual than others. Ngram Viewer, which compares collocations from Google books, shows that the frequency of occurrence of "a complete overhaul" is much higher, and this should lead speakers (and learners) to choose that phrase over the other:


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@Former Member posted:

I got interested myself in this comparing tool. However, look what I got when I compared "do homework" with "make homework." Of course, the correct choice is the former.


Hi, Lucas,

You have to be careful when using that tool or any other similar one. You need to make sure that the phrase you are looking for stands alone.

If you search for "make homework" at GB (Google books), you'll find that in that collocation "make" is used as a causative verb or as a transitive verb followed by a direct object and an object complement, in which case "do" does not work: make homework fun, make homework acceptable, make homework a habit, make homework a priority, make homework something you enjoy, etc.

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