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I need a bit more context in order to answer your question properly.  If this is about something you've read, please cite the source and, if possible, provide a link.  If this has to do with something you're writing, please provide some background information.  There could be various answers depending on such information.


Mr McAlexander,

I can only find very few examples of the term "mass enablement" online, let alone "mass enablement campaign".  There seems to be some controversy as to whether there is such a word as "enablement".  Many dictionaries don't seem to list it.

The few examples I did find seemed to prefer the unhyphenated version.  I could only find one example with a hyphen.  Also, there seems to be a preference for all lower-case letters.

If you are writing about a team and some projects within a certain company, I would recommend using the punctuation used within that company, with the exception that if "mass" is capitalized (other than at the beginning of a sentence), "enablement" must be also.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.  I invite my colleagues on the forum to add to what I've said.



I think that "mass" is a adjective in "mass enablement" (meaning "large-scale enablement") and will, as such, do without a hyphen. Other examples:

- mass media
- mass demonstrations
- mass destruction
- mass hysteria
- mass tourism
- mass education
- mass meeting
- mass exodus
- mass audience

There may be some cases where hyphenation is allowed as an alternative, for example mass market or mass-market.

As for capitalization, we can capitalize the name of the team (as we would if it were a Department or Division). The name of the campaign can also be capitalized if in the singular, but -- if used in the plural -- I'd tend to write:

- The Mass Enablement Team completes mass enablement campaigns.

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