Hi everyone, newbie to the forum and have a question.

I would naturally say

"me and my partner´s dog" but I have doubts as to whether the gramatically correct way would be

"my and my partner´s dog", though this sounds very strange when I say it aloud. I know that it is more polite to say "my partner and I" but that sounds even stranger

"my partner and I´s/me´s/my dog"

Which is the correct way? Apart from saying "our dog"

Thsks in advance

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Hello, Zevvy, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange!

"Me and my partner's dog" is a something that many native speakers of English (I suspect you are a native speaker of English) would use informally or because they don't know better. Formally, you could say:

  • my partner's and my dog
  • my partner and my dog

The first option, with the possessive noun phrase and the possessive determiner, sounds a bit more natural than the second, I think, though the second is justifiable and also formally correct.

HERE is a link to an extensive discussion on GE related to this topic. Enjoy!

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