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Hi Anyone, and Everyone also,

My name is Tyler, and I have a quick question, 

I'm writing something at the moment and I'm stuck with one word to finish a sentence, The sentence is intended as humourous, and the content is to appear... well... ...grammatically correct.

I didn't know this forum existed 10 minutes ago so before I write more let me know if this is even the place to ask please. That is, if anyone is around at this time?

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I think I found the answer though?


I'm thinking this could be the perfect word? 

Would this sit correct in the  'Grammar' sense? 

No, "portmanteau" is a method of word formation consisting of combining two words to form a new onebreakfast + lunch = brunch.

My advice is that you follow David's definition as to CluBnaim and Altern8 being unconventional or, perhaps, exotic spellings.

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