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Does the word mosque have another meaning rather than a place where Muslims perform their prayers?
Because I have received an email recently saying that it can also mean a house for mosquitoes which astonished me so much. Hence that sender asked me urgently not to use such word i.e mosque again and use Masjid instead.

In addition to that, the abbreviation for the Arab Muslim name Mohamed shouldn't be Mohd as it means a small dog with a big mouth . Is this true?

I hope I can find answers for my questions above.

Thanks in advance
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Absolutely not, Mido. English-speakers are used to knowing a mosque as a holy place where Muslims pray. There is no connection with the word ‘mosquito’ in anyone’s mind, despite the similarities of the letters in the words.

Here is the definition and etymology of ‘mosque’ from the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. You can see that the word itself is related to ‘masjid,’ and derives from that. Most English speakers would not know the word ‘masjid,’ but they do know the word ‘mosque.’

mosque Etymology: from earlier moschee, muskie, from Middle French musquee, mosque, from Old Italian moschea, alteration of mosqueta, meschita, from Old Spanish mezquita, from Arabic masjid temple, from sajada to prostrate oneself
: an Islamic place of public religious worship -- called also masjid.

In contrast, here is the definition and etymology of the word ‘mosquito’ from the same dictionary:

mosqui•to …Etymology: Spanish, diminutive of mosca fly, from Latin musca -- more at MIDGE

n., pl., -toes, or -tos.
Any of various two-winged insects of the family Culicidae, in which the female of most species is distinguished by a long proboscis for sucking blood. Some species are vectors of diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Also called skeeter.…..

You can see that the two words have different derivations. ‘Mosque’ comes from Arabic. Since English speakers do know the word ‘mosque,’ which is a real English word, it would be considered pretentious for them to use the word ‘masjid’ for general conversation. It would be like saying, ‘I’m going to pray at the iglesia (Spanish for ‘church,’) or to the eglise (French).

So, no, English speakers are not supposed to use another word when everyone understands the word ‘mosque.’ ‘Mosque’ comes from the Arabic word masjid, but that’s not the word we use. ‘Mosquito’ comes from Spanish, from the word meaning ‘fly’ – an entirely different thing.

As for the abbreviation of 'Mohammed,' I have seen 'Mohd' written, but I have never thought of an association with a small dog.
In addition to that, the abbreviation for the Arab Muslim name Mohamed shouldn't be Mohd as it means a small dog with a big mouth

May I ask where you got the part in bold?

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