Dear teachers.
I have to choose either (a) or (b).I chose (b)because I think the loss will happen for sure so I use "must"
It was fortunate that I took the document home with me. Othewise it .....
a. would have been stolen
b. must have been stolen
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An example should have an explanation when appropriate. Here it's appropriate.

The reason that it must have been stolen can't work in this context, Cocoricot, is that it means "I'm sure it was stolen." Must + present perfect (which is one of the modal perfects) means that the speaker or writer is sure that something happened or didn't happen in the past. Here are more examples:

When she found out she'd gotten the promotion, she must have jumped for joy. (...I'm sure she jumped for joy.)

When they started going to that fertility clinic, they must not have considered the possibility that they'd have quadruplets. (I'm sure they didn't consider the possibility...)


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