Hello everyone look at this conversation and tell me if this is the correct way to quote this conversation. If not what am i doing wrong? Thank You.


," Hello Tom are you here for the usual massage?” ,"No Marissa left me I’ve been down in the dumps ever since and really stressed out. I have migraines and pain in the neck"., " I can help you alleviate that with a Shiatsu massage. I had no idea you were single.  
Why don't you come back when my shift is over at ten we can have a few drinks at the pub and talk about us!"

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Hello, Jacques, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange.

Your quotation has a number of issues. Can you correct some of these problems?

  • run-on sentences
  • misuse of commas
  • misuse of quotation marks
  • absence of paragraph breaks where paragraph breaks are needed

Do you have a particular grammatical question you would like to discuss or have answered? The Grammar Exchange is not a copy-editing service.

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