I'd like to know if we can use "never" and "before" in the same sentence.

#1 Yuki has never been to London before.

Is #1 grammatically accepted? Or does this sound strange?

Thank you.
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Yes, the sentence is perfectly acceptable.

One use of "before" is as an adverb. An entry in the Collins COBUILD Dictionary* states:

If someone has done something before, they have done it on a previous occasion. If someone has never done something before, they have never done it. I've been here before....I had met Professor Lown before...She had never been to Italy before.

These lines appear as headers on Google articles:

"¢ Never used a scanner before?

"¢ I've never heard that one before...

"¢ I've Never Been in Love Before (from a song)

"¢ I never felt so bad before, Never never before (from a song)

In fact, "never" can appear in front of "before," too, as in these examples from Google:

"¢ Never before has the executive branch been faced with such scrutiny, abuse, pressure.

"¢ Top Ten Things Never Before Said by a Presidential Candidate" presented by Senator John Edwards

*The Collins COBUILD English Dictionary. HarperCollins. 1995

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