next came the graceful palm tree

"When the gods created the world, the baobob was among the first trees to appear on the land. Next came the graceful palm tree."

from a Korean English textbook


a. Next came the graceful palm tree.

b. Next the graceful palm tree came.


Are they both correct?


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Doc V posted:

There is nothing grammatically wrong with either of your examples.  I find that the phrasing of (a) lends itself much better to the poetic nature of the context.

I agree. (a) is in fact a case of full inversion. Similar examples can be found with other adverbs in front position, like first, then, here, there, out, in, off, away, etc.

I think there should be a comma after Next in (b). Otherwise, this might sound better and more balanced:

(c) The graceful palm tree came next

which reflects the "normal" order of sentences: Subject - Verb - Objects - Adverbials

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