I'll have to think again if "from the school" is a postmodifier of the NP or a separate phrase.

To tell you the truth, NPEXP, I'm not sure myself. Even in the question "How far is the house from the school?" (which I used to try to show that the prepositional phrase could be separated from the rest of the noun phrase), from the school  can be connected with how far: How far from the school is the house?

11'': The house, situated only a 5 minute bike ride from the school, is very big.

"only a 5 minute bike ride" and "from the school" work as a unit, in this case as an adverbial of place of the past participle "situated." The whole structure is a reduced relative clause (which is situated...)

11''': The house is within walking distance to the school.

 The same comments I made in relation to "from the school" would apply here.

15: The school is  a great place for children who are eager to learn. 

15': For children who are eager to learn the school is a great place. 

I find "for children who are eager to learn" to be semantically and functionally related to "a great place" (a great place for them, not for anyone). In (15ยด), which can be paraphrased as "In the case of children...," the syntactic connection is not so clear.

Syntactic analysis is largely dependent on word order. A change in word order may lead to a change in how we parse an otherwise similar or comparable sentence.

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