Which of the following sentences include both 10 and 20?

1. 10 through 20.
2. from10 to 20
3. between 10 and 20.
4. from 10 up to 20.

I have asked an American and a Canadian and each says different things.


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The only version that unambiguously includes the latter number is 1. However, all three of the other versions are sometimes used when the latter number is meant to be included. Speakers of English vary in their use of these expressions, so it's no wonder you have received various replies. The clearest way to include the top number is to use "through."

Marilyn Martin
So, all the four examples include the first number, which, in this case, is 10.
Or is it possible any of them do not include the first number, 10?
And if I need more clarification on where the speaker draws a line, I should ask a further question, such as " You mean 20 included?" or "10 is included, right?".
Is this what you would normally do?


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