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The bold word refers way backwards to something that comes before the preceding ("And you can do the same...") paragraph; is that OK?

It’s an important first step to make sure that you know who your elected officials are at all levels. Just go to that neat website that you mentioned—that site will tell you who your state legislators and federal legislators are.

The more local an elected official is, the easier it is to get their attention—contrary to popular belief, officials actually enjoy hearing from constituents living in their area as long as you’re respectful toward them. I recommend that people introduce themselves to their state officials with no agenda in mind—just email them, phone them, or even go and visit them.

And you can do the same regarding your representatives’ local offices and your senators’ local offices—these officials won’t be as available for chitchat, but they do use your voice as a benchmark for where they’re at with their constituents on certain issues. These officials will take your opinions more seriously once they know who you are.

So state legislators are usually very accessible—they usually lack the money for staffers. Just go make these introductions—it’s easy and fun.

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Hi, Andrew—Since your "So" is intended to draw out an implication of something that you have said much earlier in the passage, it might be better to begin the final line with "Again" followed by a comma, to indicate that you are reminding readers of something implicit in what you have already said.

Incidentally, I recommend deleting all five em dashes in the passage, replacing them with periods, and making uppercase the first letter of the word following each em dash. In other words, rather than ending a sentence by lurching into the next sentence prematurely, you should actually end the sentence first.

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