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@Sundaran posted:

What is the difference between "pain" and "pains" im English?

For example  : "I have been having bad pains near my chest area."

Why did use "pains" in this sentence instead of "pain"?

Thanks in advance. πŸ™

Sundaran, you never use the auxiliary "did" next to the verb ("use," in this case) in questions. You should use a general subject or the passive voice to make the question impersonal:

- Why did they use "pains" in this sentence?
- Why was "pains" used in this sentence?

The mistake I pointed out above is much more important than the difference between "pains" and "pain." In this regard, I agree with Ahmed that both are grammatically possible, but you should note that, if the singular is used, you will need an article: I have been having a bad pain near my chest area.

"Pains" can suggest different episodes of pain, or different types of pain. "Pain" indicates the same recurrent pain.

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