Which sentence uses correct parallel construction?

1.The painter wore glasses,gloves,and boots.
2.Most people enjoy ice cream and the plant grows.
3.You can either talk to the manager about your problem or writing a letter to the president of the company.
4.Anyone who is going to work here will have to be athletic,and intelligent person,and have a good sense of humor.
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A parallel structure consists of items in a series that have the same grammatical function. Only # 1 is parallel. # 1 has three nouns as object of the verb 'wore."

#2 has no parallel structures.

#3 has the first verb in its base form (talk), but the second verb is in an –ing form. This is not parallel.

#4 has three items at the end that are all different. These items should be all adjectives (like "athletic," or all nouns preceded by adjectives like "intelligent person," but using "person" in a series here would be awkward), or all verb phrases like "have to be" and "have to have.")


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