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@GBLSU posted:

Having all the comforts that life has to offer can make us ungrateful.


Can you parse the sentence?  Is  <has to>  the same as in  <She has to go there> ?

Whose object is <comforts>?  <has> or <offer>?

"Has to" is not a semi-modal above, unless we go for the absurd interpretation that life needs to offer or is compelled to offer comforts ("life" is an inanimate noun to which we cannot assign needs or obligations).

The sentence comes from:

- Life has comforts to offer.

where "to offer" (equivalent to "available") complementizes "comforts."

I think there are two possible parsings:

1) We have a split infinitival complement to fix this terrible sentence:

?? Having all the comforts to offer (= available) that life has can make us ungrateful.

2) "to offer" is an object complement (Cf. have something available, have something ready)

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