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Hi, Meriem,

@Meriem posted:


I wonder whether could :
- Sentence 3 accept answer B?
- Sentence 6 accept answer A?

As second options.

You should have written those two sentences instead of just inserting the image of their page. In sentence 3, 'hurrying' is the only correct answer. It means 'while/because' she was in a hurry/hurrying to go to school, she forgot ..... . Both are simultaneous actions. 'A' in 6 is totally ungrammatical. 'Feeling' gives the impression that there was no time span between her feeling and her sharing the news with her parents.

@ahmed_btm posted:

In sentence 3, 'hurrying' is the only correct answer.

"Hurried" is possible in (3), though the best choice is "hurrying." Many people use "hurry" in the pattern "hurrying someone to do something," though most dictionaries do not seem to cite this usage.

To the extent to which that is acceptable, the passive correlate is possible: "Hurried (by her mother) to go to school, Nina forgot her lunch." People often forget things when under pressure or when being hurried by others.

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