Could you help me with one example of the first conditional? How to create the passive voice of it.

If she is always late, you shouldn't wait for her.

I will be grateful for your support

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Hello, Joanna, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange!

A conditional sentence is a sentence formed by a main clause (what we call the "result") and a conditional clause (what we call the "condition"). Each of those clauses can contain a transitive or an intransitive verb. Only if the verb is transitive in both clauses can the whole sentence be turned into the passive voice, for example:

- If they find him, they'll punish him -> If he's found, he'll be punished.

In your sentence, only the result contains a transitive verb and can therefore be turned into the passive form:

- If she is always late, she shouldn't be waited for. (Although the passive is grammatically correct, the original sentence in the active sounds much more natural to me.)

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