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Could you kindly correct my answers?


I added "would" to "used to" and the present simple options.

If there is any sentence that accepts "would" as an answer, I would be grateful if you mention it.

1. Would play/ Used to play, don't play.

2. Wouldn't go/ Didn't use to go, go.

3. Loves, used to hate.

4. Didn't use to read, read.

5. Would you go/ Did you use to go, stay.

6. Used to afraid, I am not.

7. Did you use to.

8. Used to take, doesn't.

9. Didn't use to like, I do.

Thank you in advance

NB: you can find the task in the attached picture below.


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Hello, Meriem—Please review our Guidelines page so that you do not continue to violate them. As Ahmed mentioned to you in another thread with the exact same title, the Grammar Exchange is not a place where you can have others do your homework for you or tell you whether you've gotten the answers right.

However, you are welcome to ask about a homework grammar problem that is giving you trouble, provided you explain why you are confused. We will then explore the grammar of the matter with you, without any regard for whether you get the answer right on your homework. Sometimes textbooks are wrong.

Also, please do not give the same title to more than one thread, especially if you are starting multiple threads at the same time. This creates confusion. Before responding to your post here, I had to verify that it was not a duplicate of one of the other threads you had started. Instead, you'd just duplicated the title.

Hello David,

I am new here, and I have just finished reading the guidelines. I don't know why and how I haven't noticed them before. I apologise for everything. However, I am still keen to share with you all my struggles in English. I hope that the journey would be rich among you.

Thank you for having me, and my apologies again.

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