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The non-sentence in the title of this posting -- "Please advise if any concerns "-- is not correct English.

Both of your sentences are correct – with "advise" as an intransitive verb – in business English. In most circumstances, not in a business kind of English, "advise" would appear in those sentences with an object, in this way:

Please advise us if you have any concerns.
Please advise us of any concerns regarding...

"Advise" can appear in these constructions:

"advise" + a noun + "to (infinitive)
I advised him to get up early.

"advise" + a noun + a question word
I advised him when to get up.

"advise" + a noun + on / about
I advised him on / about what time to get up

"advise" + a noun + of
I advised him of the necessity to get up early.

"Advise" can also be followed by an "if" clause, as in your sentence, or a "that" clause.


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