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                                                      About us

Since 1992 we have handled the turnkey projects starting from the design drawings to the client delivery & satisfaction. In 1996, we decided to dig more and more into Fit-outs and furniture details.

So we started to specialize in woodwork & fit-out projects, varying from residential; commercial, and companies’ headquarters projects (till present).

Now, we decided again to create our own & unique collection of furniture pieces and home accessories which encountered great demand and success in our business journey... & we are ready to achieve our passionate desire in fulfilling our clients’ needs.

                                               Why choose us?

Ready tailored  made

As we spent our design and manufacture journey tailoring our designs based on our clients' needs. We are now offering our ready-made designed pieces based on our experience in reaching our client needs functional and cheerful looking wise.

Environment care

Manufacturing on-demand helps in materials waste reduction as well as neglected inventory. Another great benefit that you (our client) receive each time a freshly made product which is called a brand-new one especially for you.

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