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I have come across both "from my point of view" and "in my point of view"; the first much more frequently than the latter. According to traditional "textbook" grammar, is it okay to say "in my point of view"? Does the same apply to "viewpoint"?

If we just use the noun "view" or "opinion", we would say "in my view" / "in my opinion", right?

Thank you for any comments.

São Paulo
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I don't recall ever hearing or reading the expression "in my point of view." A Google search, however, turns up a few instances of it. "From my point of view" is about ten times more common than "in my point of view." Here are some example figures:

From my point of view, it...(7,700)
In my point of view, it...(596)

From my point of view, the...(9,060)
In my point of view, the...(928)

From my point of view, he...(936)
In my point of view, he....(94)

I don't know how the expression "in my point of view" has come into the language, but I suspect that it's a blend of the usual "in my view" and the usual "from my point of view."

What about "in my viewpoint"? Again, some instances of this expression occur, but they are outnumbered by "from my viewpoint." Neither expression is very frequent. Sample Google figures:

From my viewpoint, it...(610)
In my viewpoint, it...(65)

From my viewpoint, the...(767)
In my viewpoint, the...(110)

Although students may come into contact with the "in" version of these expressions, it is not frequent enough to warrant its being taught for active use.

Marilyn Martin
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