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Hi, Emad,

@Emad Ragheb posted:

What prepositions can we use with superlatives? 

It is called the qualifying phrase. From L.G. Alexander:

"If the comparison is not clear, then we must use a qualifying phrase after the superlative. Phrases of this kind usually begin with in or (less frequently) of."

-.John is easily the tallest boy in our class.

- Yesterday was the hottest day of the year.

 Other fixed prepositional phrases are possible:

- It's the oldest trick on earth/under the sun.

For a more specific answer to your question, Swan, page (116) says:

After superlatives, we do not usually use 'of' with a singular word referring to a place or group.

- I'm the happiest man in the world.

- She's the fastest player in the team.

But 'of' can be used before plurals, and before lot.

- She's the fastest player of them all.

- He's the best of the lot.

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