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Choose the correct answer

1-My eyes are red because my mother(has cut/has been cutting ) onions,

2-Somebody(has eaten /has been eating ) my cookies, haven't they? There are very few left.

3-My mother(has made/has been making )-------a cake, so the kitchen is steamy.

4.1(have eaten/ have been eating)dinner, so there're plates all over the table.

5-Usually, | study at home, but I(have studied/have been studying)in the library for the last week.

6-A: Are you OK? B: Yeah, I'm fine! I'm not crying I(have chopped /have been chopping) onions !

7-you’ve got white dust all over you! What(have you done /have you been doing )?

8-Your clothes smell awful! (Have you smoked/Have you been smoking)?

I think answering one sentence with explanation may help me understand the difference between the two forms of the present perfect tens ?>

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