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@Ahmed.A.A posted:

Hi, can we use words like: (many, much, a lot of, a few and some) with present perfect continuous?

1-''We have been interviewing a lot of people about their experiences.''

2-''I have been written a few reports.''

Hi, Ahmed.A.A,

1 is grammatically correct. 2 is wrong. Regarding your main question, here is the reply of the Longman's editor to a similar question:

"Remember that sometimes both of these verb tenses can be used in a sentence with only a small difference in emphasis. So teachers should be very careful about making students choose between the two of them.

The present perfect simple is used to say how much we have done — that is, how much we have accomplished of a task — or how often we have done something. You could consider the number of repetitions of something to be the same as how much you have accomplished.

(1) How many push-ups have you done today? (asking about the amount accomplished)  ~I’ve done 10 push-ups.

(2) How much tea have you had today?  ~ So far I’ve had three mugs — and it’s only eleven in the morning!

(3) How often have you gone there? (asking about the frequency of something)  ~ We’ve gone there every summer since was a toddler.

The present perfect continuous is used to ask or talk about someone’s use of their time up to the present. It can be used for repeated actions or continuous activity.

(4) You look great! Have you been dieting?  ~ Yes, I’ve been dieting and exercising for three months.

(5) You’ve put on weight! What have you been doing with yourself?  ~ I’ve been eating a lot of junk food and I haven’t been exercising.

(6) You’ve been nervous a lot lately. How much caffeine have you been drinking?  ~ I’ve been drinking ten cups of strong coffee a day.

It is incorrect to say that we can’t use the present perfect continuous with how much or how many."

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@Ahmed.A.A posted:

Thanks a lot Ahmed, concerning my second sentence, there is a typo; it is ''writing'' instead of ''written''

So is the following sentence OK:

''I have been writing a few reports.''

It is OK, but here context is everything.

- I have written a few reports. (It refers to a completed action).

The following two examples are also possible:

A: Where have you been? B: I have been writing a few reports (in my office room).

A: What have you been doing recently? B: I have been writing a few reports.

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