Dear Marilyn / Rachel
How are you ?
Would you please help me with
this question ?
** Which of the following experssions
is correct ?

a) between he and them .
b) between he and they .
c) between him and they .
d) between him and them .

a) between she and we .
b) between she and us .
c) between her and we .
d) between her and us .

a) between we and her .
b) between we and she .
c) between us and she .
d) between us and her .

*** Also , would you please tell me
what is the rule to be used in
similar expressions ?

Thank you very much .

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Only the d examples are correct. The a, b, and c examples are not correct.

The rule for choosing the correct pronoun form is very simple: after a preposition"”and "between" is a preposition"”use the object form.

The object forms of the personal pronouns are

me, you, him, her, it, us, and them.

No matter how many pronouns there are as the object of a preposition, they are always in the objective form.

Dear Marilyn,
Thank you very much for your kind and quick
reply . Please tell me , What about ( It's me )
and ( It's I ) ?
Which of them is Correct ? ( Either in writing
or conversation ) .
I have read that ( It's I ) is the correct
expression although ( It's me ) is used in
conversation .
What do think ?
Thank you very much .

Although "It's I" is technically correct, it's considered pedantic (excessively correct). It's OK to use "It's me." IT's also OK to say "It's us."

With other personal pronouns you can use either the subject form or the object form. The subject form isn't considered pedantic, but it's more formal. Google examples:

"”Further, it was they who took the first steps towards civilization, ... It was they who had nothing to begin with but eventually discovered almost ...

"”It wasn't they who conquered and looted entire continents for centuries, nor did they establish colonialism, nor did they reintroduce slavery, ...

Much more informally, the object form is used:

At the time Alda was working as a secretary for the Japanese Ambassador and it was him who helped them come to a decision. "The ambassador said to me ˜why ... 2005/08/12/up_yours_alda_feature.shtml

"”"It was them who inspired me to become a bird watcher," he adds. Even in the recent trip, Halder, a dentist by profession and an amateur ornithologist, ...

"”Because of course, it wasn't she who made the schedules of daily things, and it wasn't she trained the soldiers standing guard over her even now, nor was ...


This phrase appears in the book Krishnamurti Preparing to Leave by Scott Forbes.

"and as far as the exchange between he and the group were concerned, nothing had changed.”

I take it this is incorrect?

Mr Walker, welcome to the Grammar Exchange.

You are correct.  As an object of the preposition "between", "he" needs to be changed to "him", and "were" needs to be changed to "was" in order to agree with the singular subject "exchange".

Thank you for citing your source.


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