She told me....... quiet because the baby was sleeping. (to be_to have been_that I was_that I am).                     I think the maker of the question needs the perfect infintive. What about the bare simple one? 

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It seems to me the only answer that fits is "to be", the bare simple form. It all happened in a past context without a present point of view.

A present point of view of looking back can justify the "to + have + past participle" pattern. For example, it's so good to have been in love

Hi, Kinto,

I agree that the simple infinitive is the correct form. This is only to clarify that we use the term "bare infinitive" to refer to the infinitive without "to," as in:

- He made me be quiet.

"that I was" would also be a possible answer in a special context. Suppose a child asks his/her mom:

- Why am I quiet?

and the answer is:

- You are quiet because the baby is sleeping.

The child may then report the answer as follows:

- She told me that I was quiet because the baby was sleeping.

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