How do we report the following:

1- Are you good at organising people?
2- Do you enjoy working in a team?
3- What do you do when your ideas don't work?
4- Do you listen to other people's advice/suggestions?
5- What do you do when you have too much work?
6- What time do you normally start work?

Thanx a lot
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Hi Humam,

If I assume that each of your sentences was originally spoken by a man (yesterday, for example), and also spoken directly to me, I might report them as follows:

1- He asked me whether I was/am good at organizing people.

2- He asked me whether I enjoyed/enjoy working in a team.

3- He asked me what I did/do when my ideas didn't/don't work.

4- He asked me whether I listened/listen to other people's advice/suggestions.

5- He wanted to know what I did/do when I had/have too much work.

6- He wanted to know what time I normally started/start work.

Since all of the questions refer to things that are currently still valid, back-shifting the tense is optional.
Sentences 1, 2, and 4 are yes/no questions, so you have to insert if or whether. And you have to report who said this, unless you want to make these passive (which is a whole different issue).

1. He/She asked (me) if/whether I was/am good at organising people.

2. He/She asked (me) if/whether I enjoy(ed) working in a team.

4. He/She asked (me) if/whether I listen(ed) to other people's advice/suggestions.

The others are wh-questions, so the usual subject-verb inversion doesn't work in reported questions.

3. He/She asked (me) what I do/did when my ideas don't work.

5. He/She asked (me) what I do/did when I have too much work.

6. He/She asked (me) what time I normally start(ed) work.

In all of these I have given the option of making the verb present or past. These are all questions about my habits or character, so they remain true. They can be reported with either verb tense.

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