The following sentence is in the 2nd conditional, but the verb "found" sounds incorrect:

If I were you I'd found a company.

Shouldn't it be:-
If I were you I'd start a new company. Isn't "found" in this context always in the past tense ?

He founded the company in 1967.

The sentence above sounds more like it, but can one write it in the second conditional?

Help needed !!!

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The verb "to found," meaning "to establish" or "set up" has these principal parts:

found – founded – founded

The verbs in your sentence are correct. The if clause contains the past form in a present unreal conditional:

If I were you...

The main clause contains would + the simple form of the verb:

I would (I'd) found a company.

It's easy to confuse the verb "find" with the verb "found. The principal parts of "find" are find – found – found.

Here are some examples:

Whenever I shop in that store, I find what I want.
After looking for my lost document for two hours, I finally found it.
The lost puppy was found sleeping in the back of the car.
If I were you, I would find the director right away and explain the situation

They're going to found a new college on that site.
A religious group founded that college in 1798.
The agricultural college was founded in 1865.
If I were you, I would found a company.


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