I'm seeing green

What does the phrase mean?

Thanks a lot!
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"seeing red": being angry

Dictionary of idiomatic phrases...‎
by J.M. Dixon - 1891 - 384 pages
Page 140

To see green in another's eye — to consider him a simple, gullible fellow.

S. "N'ow, soldier-boy," said I, " Do you see green in my eye ? ...
But 'feeling green' is different from 'seeing green.'

'Seeing green' might be anticipating (green) money, as Jerry suggests. Or perhaps anticipating something environmentally friendly.
I got that phrase from a context which talks about the rapid development on the Chinese economy. I'm sorry I can't give the passage right now because I don't have it. It seems that Jerry's response is right, that it pertains to money.

Yes, that's another meaning of 'feel green' -- to feel sick and nauseated.

Rachel, that's a very interesting variation there.^^

Thanks a lot to both of you!^^

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