Which one of the following is a correct example of the singular possessive case?

1.women's club.
2.audiences' reaction.
3.who's job.
4.king's rights
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1. "A women's club" is, in your terms, singular possessive. It is a club whose members are women. "Women's" is a classifying genitive.

Another such example is "a girls' school".

2. "An/The audience's reaction": "audience" is a collective noun involving a group of people.

3. "who's job" is not acceptable. Say "whose job" instead.

4. "A king's rights" again may or may not involve a classifying genitive, depending on your way of interpreting the word "king". As a classifying genitive, "a king's rights" literally refers to those absolute royal privileges enjoyed by a king, whose will shall always be fulfilled. Figuratively, it means some special privileges, which may appear high-handed.

Another such example with "king's" is "a king's ransom", a very larget amount of money.

Unlike "a women's club", if you have a particular king in mind, "a king's rights" may not be a classifying genitive. In that case, it refers to the rights enjoyed by a particular king.

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