Rasha Assem posted:

1- I got soaked.

2- I got soaking wet.

Are these two the same?

Hello, Rasha,

Those two sentences can be used interchangeably, but it is possible for (1) to be used with a different meaning from (2).

Read as equivalent in meaning, each sentence uses "got" as a resultative copula (linking verb) followed by an adjective phrase: "soaked" or "soaking wet."

Read as not equivalent in meaning, each sentence uses "got" in a different way. In (1), it is a passive auxiliary verb, and in (2) it is a resulative copula.

On the passive reading of (1), "soaked" is not an adjective but a past participle, and an agent "by"-phrase could be added:

I got soaked by the rain.
*I got soaking wet by the rain.

But, again, it is possible to use "I got soaked" in the same sense as "I got soaking wet." The passive reading of "I got soaked" is not necessary.

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