( social - sociable ) activities include meeting  other people in clubs. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi, Menem,

A person can be sociable, but the adjective "sociable" does not collocate with "activities." The correct choice is therefore: social activities.

Well, at first sight I would have said that "social" was the right choice, as confirmed by the Oxford Collocations Dictionary:

Social activities

However, I've just checked on the Internet that "sociable activities" is in fact used quite a lot to refer to "socialization activities," that is, activities intended to make introverts more sociable. It is indeed strange that the adjective that describes the outcome of a process (making people sociable) is used to define the process itself.


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Can we say that both collocate with " activities " but " social " is more natural? 

It's not a question of one being more natural than the other. "social activites" is certainly much more common than "sociable activities," but they mean two different things.

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