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Hi, PrepGirl, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange.

I'd like to know which you chose.

Let me tell you that the instructions are very poorly written, and that several of the sentences contain mistakes. The book you are using is far from being reliable.

The odd one seems to be a sentence that differs from the others because it uses a different mechanism for paraphrasing. Clue: In (11), three sentences use coordination and one uses subordination; in (12), three sentences use reported speech and one uses passive voice.


First of all i'd like to say that this is not from a book but from the Sample Paper of an exam im preparing for.

My choices were c for 11 and d for 12. To be honest, i couldnt really figure out any one so i just went with the one i thought seemed even the tiniest bit odd. I didnt think so much would be involved in these questions.

Thank you for the help. After seeing your clue my new answer for 12th was c which was correct , however could u pls explain in more simple terms about the 11th one? its answer is b. i have no idea why.

I just read about coordination and subordination online. And yes, i do understand the answer, thank you.

However,i cant exactly grasp what 'ideas of unequal importance' in regards to subordination. this and other websites define subordination as that.

And i saw an example which had the word 'so' in it as a coordinating conjunction , and another eg had 'because' as a subordinating conjunction.  Dont these two words have somewhat the same meaning? i feel a bit confused.

Leaving aside the mistakes in the sample paper, which I'm not going to correct, the correct choice is (b) because it's the only one that does not use coordinating conjunctions, that is, linkers that keep both parts of the sentence at the same syntactic level:

In (a), you have the conjunction and, in (c), otherwise, and in (d), not only ... but also. All of these are coordinating linkers. That in (b) is not.


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