Hi All, Which is correct "sorer" or "more sore"? Since sorer is an actual word, I'm thinking it is correct and would be in any case and that I would not want to use "more" whatever. Thanks for your help!

I joined not too long ago and it's my first time posting. I usually always find the answer here!

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Hello, Lisa, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange!

We're glad you decided to make a post. Yes, "sorer" can correctly be used as the comparative form of "sore":

  • I think my leg is sorer today than it was yesterday.

However, it is also possible to use "more sore." Indeed, "more sore" is even more common than "sorer" in a sentence like this:

  • My leg feels even more sore today.

But "sorer" could be used in that sentences as well. As often happens, English speakers are able to choose between different words and phrases.

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