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Emad Ragheb posted:

She decided not to buy the dress. It (sounded - looked) old fashioned. What is the right choice in this sentence? 

Hello, Emad,

I believe DocV is poking fun at the option "sounded" because normal dresses don't emit sound and thus do not sound a certain way.

I suspect the authors of the test question may have had in mind an old-fashioned appearance that was inferred on the basis of a heard report about the dress.

For that other meaning, you could use "It sounded/sounds as if it were old-fashioned," where the first "it" is a dummy and the second "it" refers to the dress.

  • I talked to Sally, who is still at the mall. She was talking about a dress that she had contemplated buying. She decided not to buy the dress. It sounded as if it were old-fashioned. But maybe I misunderstood her.

Since that is not the construction that is used, you need "looked": she didn't buy the dress, because it looked old-fashioned. That's how she thought it looked.

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