I hope someone will tell me what "soybean feed grains" in the following
sentence. It's a part of an article by Reuters on genetically engineering

The company already has successfully commercialized Roundup Ready corn and
soybean feed grains and had hoped to spread its herbicide-resistant
technology in the vast wheat-growing industry.

Is "soybean feed grains" a compound noun?
Is "feed" an adjective or a noun?

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A feed grain is a grain used as feed (noun) for animals. Corn and soybeans are feed grains. The passage mentions these two kinds of feed grains--"corn and soybean feed grains"--which are manufactured under the brand name "Roundup Ready." Roundup is an herbicide that kills everything, and these new strains of corn and soybeans are resistant to it.

"Corn," "soybean," and "feed" are all nouns used as adjectival modifiers before the noun "grains." The brand name "Roundup Ready" precedes them all.

Marilyn Martin

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